Monday, November 23, 2009

Will Kodak's Zi8 Change Videojournalism?

Adam Westbrook reviews the Kodak Zi8 pocket videocamera, and asks if it's "the tool to change videojournalism."

Now I think if used creatively, it’s possible to produce a high quality film with the Zi8. If so, the potential for citizen journalism, hyper-locals and other smaller news enterprises could be profound.

Video review: Kodak Zi8 MiniHD cam from Adam Westbrook.

Also, see our previous notes on the Zi8 here.

Have you used a Zi8 yet? Share your experiences with us. Show us what you've done.

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james said...

I love the video quality. For the price, it's amazing! The camera includes both composite & HDMI cables which is a great value. More features than Flip, you can upgrade the memory, film in 1080, 720, or VGA AND you can snap photos!

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