Monday, November 3, 2008

Hard Times: End of the Road

Washington Post videojournalist Travis Fox has completed his cross-country videoblog, Hard Times, which explores how Americans are coping with the economic downturn, and how it may influence their vote -- as showcased on KobreGuide. Here is his final entry, and be sure to watch his entire series of videos:

The circuitous route I took between Santa Barbara and Washington totaled nearly 5,000 miles, but in a nation riveted by perhaps the most historic election in American history, it was also so much more. A month ago, I went to Google Maps to define a route that would take me across America, through mountains and desert, big cities and small towns, and, inevitably, through parts of this country both red and blue. After three rental cars, 17 states and almost a month on the road, I returned with a snapshot of this nation wracked by economic crisis and fears of the future, where Americans of every stripe have one eye on the problems of the present even as the other looks nervously toward nation’s next chapter after Election Day.

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