Friday, October 31, 2008

KobreGuide Welcomes Bombay Flying Club

Two KobreGuide entries this week from the Bombay Flying Club:

The Ardoyne Suicides
Despite the official end to violence in Northern Ireland, one small community was hit by a plague of suicides by young men.

Bucharest Below Ground
Close-up look at how and why hundreds of homeless live in abandoned sewage pipes beneath the streets of Romania's bustling capital.

Who is the Bombay Flying Club?

According to their blog:

Bombay Flying Club was established in 2005 by two students at the Danish School of Journalism. Photojournalist Poul Madsen and journalist Frederik Hoelge decided to spend 6 months as interns with the Indian Express in Bombay. During the following months they regularly found themselves reporting local news stories from the airstrip at the original Bombay Flying Club. A few months later they won a national short-documentary film award and the Bombay Flying Club Production House was born. In 2006 photojournalists Henrik Kastenskov and Poul Madsen produced “The Ardoyne Suicides.” It was their first web documentary and won a second place in Best of Photojournalism that year. They decided to join forces. The group then quit filming to concentrate on developing flash journalism for the web. Their mission? "To produce mind blowing and innovative interactive narratives. BFC wants to challenge the established media and to take photojournalism a huge step further."

We wish them continued success!

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