Sunday, October 5, 2008

We're Sharp, Sleek, Sophisticated!

A giga-thanks to The Hollywood Reporter's star TV columnist, Ray Richmond, for his thumbs-up review of KobreGuide, which is so glowing it's making us blush!  We appreciate his perspicacity, and his enthusiasm for sharing our project's attributes with the world. You can find his full endorsement at his column's online home: Past Deadline. Here are some excerpts:

"A just-launched Net pitstop has come closer to seamlessly merging the worlds of online and printed content than anything I've seen before. It's called KobreGuide, and ... it supplies an impressively comprehensive, visually sharp, sleek and sophisticated overview of the creme de la creme of multimedia and video journalism content.

"The brainchild of legendary San Francisco State photojournalism professor Ken Kobre, the site represents a one-stop shop for professional-quality, newsmagazine-style video journalism on the level of a "60 Minutes" or "20/20." Impressively simple to navigate, KobreGuide ... culls the best and most worthwhile content and presents it in a clean, straightforward and appealing package. It kicks the ass of the YouTubes and MetaCafes because it points surfers only to the online content that boasts genuine heft, rather than cluttering things up with anything and everything that can stick to a cyber wall like those other guys do.

"Anyone who still cares about depth in their news consumption -- and being truly informed rather than merely teased and titillated -- owes it to themselves to pay a visit (or several) to KobreGuide. It's the antidote to the mindless babble that so dominates the Web."

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