Saturday, December 20, 2008

Transition Questions

Does being a good photographer make you more likely to be a good videographer? Why or why not?

Does being a good photojournalist make you more likely to be a good videojournalist? Why or why not?

As newspaper photographers transition to online video, these questions are being asked more frequently. We have our own observations, thoughts and perceptions. But first we want to hear yours. Please comment below.

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ayanabb said...

My short answer is no. For me, the work of photographers and photojournalists involves stopping moments in time. If that makes sense.

There is a story being told in the photos, but the story is mostly, if not totally told from the photographer's or photojournalist's perspective.

Videography is a time-based and multimedia-based medium. There are many stories that can be told in a piece using this medium. The time and sound elements allow the videographer and videojournalist to engage other perspectives in the story.