Monday, December 1, 2008

Video Sleuthing

Finding the answer to a perplexing question is often the motivation for good videojournalism. Such was the case for Tracy Chung, who wondered what happened to all those South Central Los Angeles farmers who were driven off the nation's largest urban farm in 2006. Where did they go? The video story itself is featured here on South Central Farm Revisited.

Because her exploration was part of YouTube's new videojournalism contest, Project: Report (more on that in a future post), another videographer accompanied her on her otherwise solitary detective journey to document her as she prepped, reported, shot, and edited her piece -- all in one incredibly long day.

We are the beneficiaries of this behind-the-scenes coverage, because we get a rare in-the-trenches perspective of all the decision-making, creativity, and even hard physical labor that goes into preparing a compelling short video that still meets professional journalistic and aesthetic standards.

Look for the links to this insightful three-part video series on KobreGuide.

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