Friday, January 22, 2010

Colin Mulvany's Useful Multimedia Tips

Just a heads up that Colin Mulvany, multimedia producer extraordinaire at Spokane's Spokesman-Review, has rounded up links to the "useful tips" he's published intermittently on his Mastering Multimedia blog.

Many of my old posts that deal with tips about how to do video storytelling and audio slideshows get linked on a lot of blogs used by college professors who teach digital media classes. Most of these posts are buried amongst my pontifications about the changes facing the newspaper industry. So for anyone interested, here is a roundup of my best multimedia suggestions and useful tip posts in one place…
Topics include:

* How to make your audio slideshows better
* Great audio starts in the field
* How best to approach a video story
* Sequencing: The foundation of video storytelling
* How to make your video editing easier
* Get creative with your video camera
* Opening your video: How not to lose viewers
* Random Final Cut tip: Lower thirds titles
* What we can learn from TV new shooters

Go learn from the best!

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