Tuesday, January 5, 2010

NPPA Web Video & Multimedia Contest

Entries are now being accepted for the 7th annual National Press Photographers Association's Best of Photojournalism Contest, which features a slew of Web video categories.

It's free to enter, for both NPPA members and non-members. Entries must have been originally posted during 2009. Deadline for submissions is January 29.

Web video entries "are for video-based stories that are written and produced for the web. These stories must have been posted on a website before any other use in the broadcast arena."

Here are the Web categories:

48 Hour
A story that covers a planned or unplanned news event or a subject of general interest and importance. It can be spot news or a follow up or side bar to spot news. The event should be timely. The entry should contain no music, except where it's part of the natural sound of the story. Stories must have been shot, edited, and posted on the web within 48 hours. (Max. length: 10 minutes)

News Feature
A feature/human interest story or series of stories where the photojournalist has put considerable time and effort into the production of the entry. News Features that score highly show imagination and creativity. (Max. length: 30 minutes)

Sports Feature
A planned story or series of stories about the preparation for, analysis of, or audience reaction to a sport or coverage of a sporting event. Greater weight will be given to stories that have sports action video and focus on the competition. An outcome must be given. (Max. length: 20 minutes)

A planned story or series of stories about a subject of general interest and importance where the photojournalist has put considerable time and effort into the production of the entry. (Max. length: 30 minutes)


There's also an opportunity to enter "Audio Slideshows" and "Multimedia Packages."

Multimedia Package

Highlights the use of audio, video and animation in the presentation of web-based stories. Judges will pay special attention to the use of available technology to complement and enhance the art of visual storytelling.

Entries may include single galleries, slideshows or video, as well as packages that include multiple elements that were grouped and published together as a single story or theme.

Content, usability, and interactivity are key to this celebration of cutting-edge storytelling.

Audio Slideshows

Audio-enhanced collections of still photographs presented in a gallery or slideshow format, that tell a clear story. Animation can be used only to advance from one photograph to another.

This category is for still photography combined with audio only. There is no video allowed in this category.

An entry is defined as a single gallery or slideshow; not a group or collection of slideshows. Web packages that include multiple slideshows should be entered as Multimedia Packages.

The emphasis here is on presenting great News, Sports and Feature photographs with the additional level of detail that audio can provide.

For inspiration, you can revisit last year's winners in these categories:

Best Web Video:

“Hoping for a Miracle Amid the Rubble” by Travis Fox(WashingtonPost.com)

Best Documentary Video :

“Trapped: Mental Illness in America's Prisons” by Jenn Ackerman.
(Featured on KobreGuide.com)

Best Feature Video:

“Common Ground” (MediaStorm)
(Featured on KobreGuide.com)

Brian Storm, Executive Producer
Scott Strazzante, Photographer
Chad A. Stevens, Producer
Wes Pope, Video
Tim Klimowicz, Graphics

Best Use of Multimedia :

“Thirst in the Mojave” (Las Vegas Sun)
(Featured on KobreGuide.com)

Zach Wise: Photographer, Videographer, Producer

Contest info here.

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