Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Only the Good Die Young

FLYP magazine ( has been nominated for a prestigious Webby Award for its smart, resourceful pioneering of online multimedia, under the direction of former Time Inc. editor extraordinaire Jim Gaines.

The other four nominees are The Economist, National Geographic, the The New Yorker and Wired -- putting us in the company of titles with substantially more financial and journalistic resources, but not necessarily better ideas about how to tell stories on the web.
Alas, lacking those financial resources, after only two years, Flyp will publish no more. The investment capital has dried up, and until more is found, the revolutionary online mag will stand as a bold testament to what could and should be. (Editor Jim Gaines recently left to start his own interactive company.)

Flyp combines text, graphics, stills, animation, audio and video like no other online magazine, no doubt because it was created specifically for the Web and not just a Web adaptation of a previously existing print publication. Its navigation alone provides a different experience from merely flipping/clicking through pages.

So all at once we offer congrats, thanks, and hopeful wishes for a cavalry rescue and a speedy rebound.

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