Sunday, April 11, 2010

Video Bio of a Photojournalism Teacher

A note from Francis Gardler about a video bio series he produced about his photojournalism teacher, Dave LaBelle:
I recently finished my masters project as a graduate student in Ohio University's Visual Communications program. My project, Dave LaBelle | The Lesson, is a biography on my teacher from Western Kentucky University. As I told my masters committee, my intended audience for the project are the photojournalism students and teachers who I believe can benefit from the advice and life experience of Dave LaBelle.

Feel free to use the weblinks below in your classrooms. Hopefully they'll inspire discussions between you and your students.

* Dave LaBelle | The Lesson
* Dave LaBelle | A Storytelling Lesson
* Connecting The Eye and The Heart
* Beginnings
* A Sense of Community
* Western Kentucky University
* On Storytelling
* Memphis
* The Great Picture Hunt
* Final Thoughts

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