Friday, June 11, 2010

Abby's Quest Ends Prematurely... But Safely

Earlier this year, KobreGuide showcased Sachi Cunningham's Los Angeles Times video, "Abby Sunderland's Quest," depicting the outset of the teenager's adventure to be the youngest to complete a nonstop solo sailing trip around the world, and beat her own brother's record.

Acknowledging the extreme perils she would encounter, the 16-year-old high school junior set sail on January 23 from Marina del Rey, CA. Unfortunately, five months into the trip, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, she encountered mountainous waves and strong winds that broke her mast, preventing her from continuing. She sent pre-arranged distress signals, and fortunately has been located -- calmly and safely floating in her damaged yacht, Wild Eyes, awaiting the arrival of a rescue ship which will probably not arrive until this weekend.

She may not have fulfilled her ultimate dream, but she certainly displayed courage and fortitude under extreme duress, and now awaits her next challenge -- getting her driver’s license when she returns home.

We wish her success in that and all future endeavours.

You can follow Abby's journey, including her impending rescue, on her website or blog.

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