Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Your Turn to Judge Int'l Documentary Contest

The deadline for voting for the 2010 International Documentary Challenge's Audience Award is Saturday, June 12. The judges have chosen the dozen short films they liked best -- now it's your turn to watch them and chime in. "From eco-friendly afterlife to suburban 'toy' parties to transcontinental trekkers, you're sure to find something intriguing and entertaining to view!"

First, a little background...

The International Documentary Challenge is a timed filmmaking competition where filmmakers have 5 days to make a short non-fiction film (4-7 minutes.) ...The filmmakers are assigned a specific theme ("Dreams & Nightmares") that will dictate the content and direction of their film. The top 12 films (determined by a panel of judges) premiere at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival in Toronto where the winners are announced.
Go here to see the specific awards that judges have already bestowed upon the 12 finalists.

Now you can watch and rate the documentaries here or here.

We'll be picking our favorites to showcase on KobreGuide over the next few days. We'll be eager to hear what your favorites are ... and why.

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