Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Kalish Workshop for Visual Storytelling

The annual Stan Kalish Picture Editing Workshop has trained more than 1,000 journalists in visual storytelling since its inception in 1990 at Marquette University in Milwaukee.

It was launched in memory of the pioneering picture editor of the Milwaukee Journal who co-wrote the first definitive book on the subject.

Now the intensive four-day session, taught by top pros, is held at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, and is known throughout the industry simply as "The Kalish."

This year's session is June 20-24, and it's called Kalish 3.0 in deference to the fact that its onetime print focus has been completely eclipsed by digital multimedia.

New in Kalish 3.0 are sessions in User Generated Visuals with discussions about recruiting the visual talents in your community, strategies for raising the level of contributed work and integrating community members as a part of your organizations' news coverage strategies. Many visual editors are now working with freelancers and community members so we're retooling our ethics session appropriately.

All the values of The Kalish remain: leadership, managing by example, and the ethical treatment of people and images. Those themes are the framework for intense, exhausting discussions about visual storytelling. Establishing narrative, selecting the media mix, editing to the narrative, and producing the story are in our curriculum. We combine a mix of lectures, hands-on exercises, critiques and group discussions to create a more complete learning experience.
Tuition is $650. Enrollment is limited to 30. Apply before May 1 here.

More info here.

Or contact director Scott Sines at 901.529.5843. Tell him Kobre sent ya.

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