Friday, January 14, 2011

Newsday, News12 Join Forces for N.Y. Gubernatorial Campaign Documentary

Newsday teamed up with with local news station News12 to produce an inside look at one of the most dramatic gubernatorial contests in New York State history.

Videojournalist John Paraskevas and reporter Thomas Maier produced "Campaign Season: The 2010 Race for Governor" in seven chapters, posted throughout the course of the campaign. After Election Day, they compiled a 42-minute look at the winners and losers ... and the significance of the campaign itself.

It turned out to be a solid example of a daily newspaper and a local TV station employing their individual strengths for their mutual benefit.

Over eight months, Maier and Paraskevas filmed hours of video footage -- including exclusive interviews with candidates, party leaders and key political figures -- to track the ambitions, betrayals and behind-the-scenes influences in this race. This combination of video and print appeared in the pages of Newsday, the websites of Newsday and News12, was broadcast on special reports on News12, and presented on News12’s Video on Demand channel.

Newsday's Maier and Paraskevas previously produced "Fallout: The Legacy of Brookhaven Lab," a 9-part investigative series about survivors from an H-bomb test who were sent back to a radioactive island to be used as guinea pigs for research. It is showcased on KobreGuide to the Web's Best Videojournalism.

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