Friday, September 19, 2008

Variety's Anne Thompson: KobreGuide Launches!

Thanks to Deputy Editor Anne Thompson for kind words on her revered "Thompson on Hollywood" blog today:

Photojournalist Ken Kobre and online journalist Jerry Lazar are launching, which showcases their picks of the Web's best multimedia and video journalism. They're calling it "the thinking person's YouTube."

KobreGuide is focusing on produced stories, not one-on-one interviews. According to Lazar, there are already plenty of outlets for celeb interviews, nor are they posting speeches or "how to" video, which are not in keeping with their mission, which is to promote nonfiction documentary-style storytelling.

They're still adding new material, and seeking feedback before the site goes public October 1:

When you find stories on KobreGuide that strike a chord, go ahead and comment on them... And then click that "Share This" button at the top of the Web page, which makes it ultra-easy for you to spread the word, via email or social-networking sites such as Facebook...

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