Friday, September 19, 2008

Law in Motion at KobreGuide

Our old friend and colleague Victoria Pynchon, a top-notch writer, lawyer and mediator, publishes the quintessential blog about alternative dispute resolution: .

We had the privilege of catching her attention today, in this post:

Are you spending too much time surfing channels or cruising YouTube for quality documentary film?

Absent my NetFlix picks, I'd be wailing 600 channels and there's NOTHING to see!

Now there's KobreGuide with its own law channel here.

The Guide takes its name from its publisher and editor Ken Kobré whose textbook has been widest-selling text on photojournalism in the world for nearly thirty years.

I'd be excited about this new way to find quality moving journalism on the 'net whether or not my good friend Jerry Lazar wasn't serving as Editorial Director -- a guy with some of the best instincts for quality journalism in the country.

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Stephen said...

Thanks for commenting on this, it led to a post on a blog I read some times, which made sure I got the information, which I had missed.