Monday, January 26, 2009

America's Longest Running Photojournalism Seminar

The 60th annual Southern Short Course in News Photography will he held in Charlotte, NC, Feb. 5-8, 2009, in conjunction with the North Carolina Press Photographers Association and South Carolina News Photographers Association.

It is America's longest running photojournalism seminar. Even though the word "southern" is in the name, the competition and presentations have no geographic limits and are open to anyone, student or professional.

Faculty includes: Michael Williamson of the Washington Post; Preston Gannaway of the Rocky Mountain News; James Gregg of the Arizona Daily Star; Bill Bangham of the International Missions Board; Ross Taylor of the Hartford Courant; Barbara Marshall of Lamb & Braswell, LLC, and Nicole Fruge of the San Antonio Express-News.

More info here.

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