Saturday, January 10, 2009

Poynter Seminar: Backpack Journalist

Whether they call you a One-Man-Band, VJ or Backpack Journalist, here's your opportunity to learn to write, report, photograph, even edit your own video stories for online and/or broadcast.

Poynter's "Backpack Journalist" seminar offers tricks of the trade from Al Tompkins (pictured) and Regina McCombs for covering a story when you're alone in the field. This is truly a "multimedia" seminar that attracts journalists from many media including radio, TV, print and online.

You’ll learn:
  • Video storytelling principles including motion, sound, lighting, transitions, sequences and composition

  • How to capture remarkable sound that sets your storytelling apart

  • How to think "visually" for the Web

  • How to find and capture memorable moments and characters in your stories
  • How to make ethical decisions about editing in video and audio

  • How to file stories quickly, even when you are working alone with sparse resources
Seminar dates: 6/1 - 6/5
Application deadline: 4/20

Tuition: $995

More info here.

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