Friday, January 30, 2009

78 Cameras and Something's On

There are still some things that one-man-band mojo backpack videojournalists can't quite cover the same way as the big guys:

For the Super Bowl this Sunday, NBC says it will use 52 high-definition cameras; 93 microphones; 24 digital replay sources; 20 hand-held cameras; five robotic cameras, including two attached to the goal posts; and one cable camera suspended above the field.

BUT! That doesn't preclude the opportunity for less well-armed videojournalists to cover other, often more interesting, Super Bowl-themed video stories taking place off the field, and even around the nation. Join us at KobreGuide as we keep our eyes open for those online gems, and please let us know what you find, by submitting them here. (And, yeh, we're tuning in for Bruce, too.)

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