Saturday, May 30, 2009

LAObserved Blog Celebrates 6 Years

Kevin Roderick celebrated six glorious years of his revered blog, LAObserved, by hosting a rooftop party at the landmark Formosa Cafe in West Hollywood.

Here's proof (below) that a cheapo Flip does pretty good in low-light conditions. Sure, this video's dark, but the vidcam "saw" the partygoers even better than our own eyeballs! Besides, this ain't videojournalism -- it's a home movie!

Old pals and colleagues included (in rough order of appearance):

Kevin Roderick, Robert Landau, Steve Oney, Eric Estrin, Steve Randall, Scott Kaufer, Linda Estrin, Joel Sappell, Ross Johnson, Anne Thompson, Alex Ben Block, David Rensin, and many more!

Congrats & thanks to Kevin! Here's to many more...

P.S. Lakers/Nuggets: 119 - 92.

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