Monday, June 1, 2009

It's Internet Week (and Webbys) in NYC

Internet Week kicks off today in New York, with a festival of events that -- like the Web itself -- is open to anybody (or company) who wants to participate.

It's hosted by
The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, whose 550-strong membership is still top-heavy with entertainment and tech wizards, but is starting to open the door to more journalism honchos, and even a few who represent the interests of the burgeoning videojournalism movement.

Full events schedule here.

The festival culminates in the 13th annual Webby Awards presentations. This year's special honorees range from entertainment industry celebs (Jimmy Fallon, Trent Reznor, Sarah Silverman, Seth McFarlane, Lisa Kudrow) to prominent techies (Twitter cofounder Biz Stone, World Wide Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee).

We acknowledge that, by comparison, videojournalism is still an insufficiently sexy category to showcase. But it is making inroads through its growing representation in the organization's "online film and video" members, and by extension through the increasing number of videojournalism Webby contenders.

Those Webbys will be presented July 8 at a ceremony notorious for its clever 5-word acceptance speeches. (Last year the New York Times prophecized: "No longer a newspaper site.")

You can see this year's Webby nominees and winners on's Webby Awards channel.

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