Monday, December 14, 2009

Beet.TV Roundtable on Online Video News

The Beet.TV Roundtable on "The Influence of Online Video: A discussion of technique, technology and impact" included panelists from top media outlets such as NBC and the Economist. Among the questions pondered at the Wash. D.C. gathering: Could the "fast food" approach to news creation work for video? Conclusion: "We don't think so."

Creating quality, enduring online video news content doesn't need to be expensive, but it has to be done with skill and credibility. It is the skilled video producers who will emerge in this new ecosystem of online video news, those who bring strong journalistic skills, notably editing, to the effort... For video news creators, there are big opportunities for those who produce quality content, using basic reporting skills. They will rise to the top.
An observation remarkable not for its profundity but a sign of the times that it even needs to be stated at all.

Watch for yourself: