Sunday, December 6, 2009

J-Rod Mount: Clever Video Camera Accessory

KobreGuide warmly welcomes a new advertising sponsor – The J-Rod, developed and produced by accomplished and resourceful videojournalist Jeff Rhode.

Jeff is a former staff member of the award-winning photo & video department at The Star-Ledger in Newark, NJ. With over 20 years experience in photography and video, Jeff invented several professional video camera accessories aimed at helping visual journalists.

"The original J-Rod Twin Mount was designed to reduce handling noise on compact professional video cameras. The benefits of using The J-Rod mounts go way beyond that -- they provide you an extra mounting point to attach a radio receiver and a shotgun microphone in a rubber band mount, as well as enable you to move the microphone back to keep it out of wide shots.

"In its fourth year of production, The J-Rod has evolved, and several mounting solutions are now available. Visual journalists, event videographers, wildlife videographers, indie filmmakers, and entire television newsrooms in over 30 countries have benefited from The J-Rod mounts."
You’ll find a rave review at , with favorable comments from satisfied customers, including Eric Seals of the Detroit Free Press :

“I bought the twin hot shoe mount for my Panasonic hvx200 and it is a great addition to the camera, freeing up the factory hotshoe mount for a light or other things.”
During his time at The Star-Ledger, Jeff was part the newsroom team that was awarded the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Reporting for the resignation of New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey. He held key roles in the development and launch of the video department and its many projects, including Ledger Live, the Star-Ledger daily newscast, and the 2005 Heart Gallery of NJ.

Jeff left the Ledger in 2008 and currently works at Ramapo College in the School of Contemporary Arts and maintains his avid passion for shooting & producing still photography & video. He is currently the Director of Production for The Heart Gallery of NJ,, and a member of Design for Social Good.

Please take a look at the variety of accessories Jeff has to offer at and see if there’s something that will improve your video shooting experience.

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TimFXF said...

Jeff is a great guy. We miss him at the Ledger.