Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ASMP Studies Leap to Video & Offers Seminars

The American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) recently formed a Study Group, chaired by Gail Mooney, to explore how members have embraced video. Their report is illuminating and exhaustive -- a must-read for any visual journalist who intends to start or hang on to a career in the years ahead.

ASMP is also hosting a series of affordable seminars throughout the U.S. for photographers making the leap to video. (Scroll down for course info below.)

Video has become much more prevalent in visual communications as electronic publishing continues to replace traditional print media. The increased availability and low cost of broadband has enabled and created a huge demand for video. At the same time, there is a convergence of our tools as “hybrid” cameras are capable of shooting both stills and video.

As head of the Motion/Video Study Group, [Gail Mooney] spoke at length with fourteen ASMP members who have integrated video into their businesses. A list of questions pertaining to all aspects of video was sent to these study group participants.
The results are organized into the following categories, all well worth your attention:

* General Observations
* Getting Started
* Roles
* General Business Issues
* Rights & Licensing
* Technical Issues
* Insurance


Here is information pertaining to ASMP's upcoming Video Seminars:

Should I Be Thinking About Video?

Gail Mooney will discuss the increased demand for video and how to identify potential opportunities for you. What tools do you need? How do you change your thinking from still to motion? What are the business models for video production?

Seminar topics:
* Markets for video
* Tips for shooting motion
* How to get good audio
* How to shoot great interviews
* Camera gear suggestions
* Editing hardware and software suggestions
* Business of video production — how not to be just a content provider
* Common mistakes photographers make and how to avoid them

More info here.


The Art and Commerce of Multimedia

Adding audio to still images can turn a simple web gallery into a much more powerful storytelling tool. The demand for such presentations is growing and presents photographers with new opportunities for those who are willing to expand their skill set. Paula Lerner will discuss how to make this transition and what you need to know to get there.

Seminar Topics
* Being a good storyteller
* The power of adding audio to your stills
* What is good audio and how to get it
* Equipment you will need
* Tips on capturing and editing for multimedia
* The business side of multimedia

More info here.


Multimedia and Video: New Opportunities for the Still Photographer

Is video or multimedia an option for your business? How do you get started? How steep is the learning curve? Paula Lerner and Gail Mooney, two accomplished still photographers, are expanding their markets and the reach of their work through the use of multimedia and video. Come learn how photographers can apply their skills to these new outlets. Lerner and Mooney will share their work; discuss the basics of each medium, the critical nature of good audio and careful lighting. This is a four-hour seminar.

Seminar Topics:
* Technology is changing how our clients communicate
* An introduction to multimedia
* An introduction to video
* Capture considerations for both mediums
* The importance of good audio
* The importance of good lighting
* Equipment considerations
* Making the business side work

More info here.

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