Friday, August 13, 2010

How to Fail at Online Video

On his blog, videojournalist Glen Canning provides a humorous guide to screwing up. It will ring a bell for all of us who, at one time or another, have been careless about battery charging, audio levels, white balancing, autofocusing, lighting, and worse.

Anyone involved with producing online video probably is aware of the too numerous to mention web sites they can go to for helpful information and tips on how to do it right. From holding the camera right to getting the color right, it’s all there readily available for the eager to learn and grow. Yet through it all there isn’t much mention on how to do it wrong. So, here I am filling that niche. This is Glen Canning’s guide to failing at online video.
Ever forget to pack your tripod or otherwise plan ahead for a shoot? This guide's for you.

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