Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Job Prospects for Videojournalists?

UPDATE (8/5): As though on cue, the Business Insider backs up our observations -- with charts and real data! The Evolution Of The Journalism Job Market: We May Be Headed Into A Golden Age, by Michael Mandel. (Original post here.)

Is it our imagination or does there seem to be an increasing number of "help wanted" ads for videojournalists?

We haven't done any scientific research, but just poking around at online jobhunting Websites we are turning up a heck of a lot more opportunities than there were a year ago.

The mega-search engine for jobseekers,, turns up a slew of possibilities for "videojournalist," "video journalist" and "multimedia journalist."

Job descriptions indicate that newsrooms are still looking for jacks-of-all-trades, who can report, write, shoot, edit, produce, conquer social media, walk on water, etc.

Salaries seem to be mostly in the $30,000 to $50,000 range, indicating that these aren't necessarily entry level positions, but you better hope your kids qualify for college scholarships. Some salaries go as high as twice that, but those are mostly management slots in major markets.

Tellingly, doesn't have any current openings for videojournalists -- but it does have a slew of reporting/editing gigs that require applicants to be able to shoot, edit and produce audio slideshows and video.

What has been your experience in seeking a job that enables or requires you to pursue videojournalism? What kinds of qualifications and background are employers seeking? How technically proficient are you expected to be? How much emphasis is put on your journalism pedigree and your storytelling chops? We're eager to hear about your jobhunting adventures.

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