Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Craigslist TV Launches 2nd Season

We just caught Craigslist TV for the first time, and it's a hoot.

We've often suggested Craigslist as a resource for students (or even pros) looking for ideas for nonfiction video stories -- behind every human transaction lies a dramatic narrative waiting to be discovered. And often a healthy dose of comedy as well!

It turns out that Craigslist itself is way ahead of us -- the first "season" of the Web reality series drew more than two million views on their YouTube channel, with the slogan "Real people, real postings." Their second season kicks off with this winning installment, "Accordion Idol."

Robin puts a FREE ACCORDION on Craigslist. The HITCH? This beautiful instrument will go to the best performer at this makeshift "Accordion Idol" contest held at a big Italian dinner party.
Terrific premise, wonderful characters, drama, humor, suspense, first-class production values -- it's got it all, and an accordion soundtrack to boot!

Future online installments include “Drinking Buddy,” “Getting Married,” “Barter King” and “Design Your Digs.” New segments are scheduled to be uploaded every Thursday through December 2. Watch here.

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