Friday, October 22, 2010

Online Video Documentary About Wikipedia

Here's a new feature-length online documentary about Wikipedia that should make good weekend viewing. It's called 'Truth in Numbers? Everything, According to Wikipedia,' directed by Scott Glosserman and Nic Hill.

Wikipedia is the world's largest information database that's written and edited by... well, anybody who wants to participate. Therein lies its strength, and its weakness. Is it accurate or unreliable? Is it neutral or biased?

As Wikipedia approaches its tenth anniversary, it is the seventh most visited site on the Web. This video explains its origins, profiles its founder Jimmy Wales, delves into the philosophical ramifications of its inner workings, illustrates its global impact, and doesn't shy away from the controversies stirred up by the populist encyclopedia.

Evenhandedly weaving multiple perspectives about the impact of Wikipedia, the film provokes a deeper conversation on how knowledge is formed and what future generations will learn about history and the world. Co-director Glosserman sums up the central question asked by the film: “Should you and I be charged with canonizing the sum of human knowledge for everyone, or should we be leaving that to the experts?”

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You can view the 86-minute documentary in its entirety on Snag Films.

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