Thursday, October 7, 2010

News Video Comes to Twitter

Here's a new boon for videojournalism producers and consumers. The "new Twitter" enables you to embed photos and videos directly into your posts, thanks to partnerships with more than a dozen popular hosting sites, including Flickr and YouTube.

And now Brightcove is joining the party. That's huge news, simply because Brightcove's clients include many of the major news publishers, including New York Times, Washington Post, Time, USA Today, and Financial Times.

In short, you're going to start seeing more professionally produced news and feature videos embedded on Twitter, without leaving the site. It's just a matter of time before broadcast networks and even local TV stations come aboard.

Beet.TV interviewed Brightcove SVP Jeff Whatcott, who explains it all in the video below, which Beet.TV embedded in its own Twitter post, simply by cutting/pasting the URL of the YouTube clip, which automatically created the videoplayer when published.

It's time to start strategizing how you can best start deploying video on your Twitter account.

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