Thursday, February 26, 2009

Concentra Videojournalism Finalists

Here are the 8 finalists for the Concentra Videojournalism Award. The 10,000 Euro ($12,722 USD) prize will be presented next week in Brussels.

"On the Margins in Mauritania"
Travis Fox, Washington Post, USA

"Two Criminals on a Motorbike"
Stef Biemans, VPRO, Netherlands

"Up the Irrawaddy"
Subina Shrestha, Al Jazeera, Dubai

The Agony of Surviving
Travis Fox, Washington Post, USA

Taking Back the Streets
Bernard Weil,, Canada

The Healing Fields
Alexandra Garcia, Washington Post, USA

The Lost Tribe Secret Army of the CIA
Tony Birtley, Al Jazeera, Malaysia

A Man Chases His Money
Behrendt Carsten, ZDF, Germany

For this year's competition The Concentra Award received 114 entries from 46 news organizations from around the world. Final judging of the 8 nominated entries will take place on March 3 in Brussels.

Jury chairman Michael Rosenblum reports: :

There are 7 judges on the panel, all from various backgrounds and countries, so there were a lot of varied opinions as to what best exemplifies the world’s best video journalism. At the top end, it gets very subjective.

We are all looking forward to the Digital News Affairs Conference conference in Brussels. It has not been an easy year to put this together. The economic recession caused many sponsors to drop out, even after they had committed. Many participants found themselves unable to attend - their parent companies now unwilling to allow them to go. Many of our brother conferences simply folded tents this year and canceled. We were determined not to do so.

Notably, three of the finalists were produced by the Washington Post -- and two of those by Travis Fox, whose work is well represented on KobreGuide. The third Washington Post video, Alexandra Garcia's "The Healing Fields," was previously showcased on

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Rosenblum said...

Dear Ken
Thanks so much for sharing these with you class. Just out of curiosity, if asked to vote for the best, which would they pick?
Michael Rosenblum