Sunday, February 22, 2009

'Smile Pinki': Best Documentary (Short) Oscar

That other Indian film is getting all the Academy Award attention, but we're intrigued by the 39-minute true story about an Indian girl's million-dollar smile... and wondering where and how we can see it for ourselves!

Best Picture winner 'Slumdog Millionaire' is still in theaters, but good luck trying to find 'Smile Pinki' on YouTube or Netflix. It won the Oscar for Best Documentary (Short Subject), and it sounds terrific, but we scoured the Web in vain for viewing info.

So we'll share with you what we've been able to find.

Directed by San Francisco-based Megan Mylan, it's a fairytale-come-true about a poor five-year-old girl who's born with a cleft lip deformity, but thanks to the global Smile Train Project, she receives plastic surgery and her life is transformed . By all accounts, it's a true Kleenex dampener.

We found the trailer (also over here); a talk show featuring Mylan, Pinki, Pinki's dad, and Pinki's surgeon; and a transcript of an interview with Mylan. But please let us know if you find the actual movie itself -- we're eager to see it!

Meanwhile, the good news is that the Best Documentary Feature winner is still in theaters, and as we've previously reported, it is phenomenal. James Marsh's breathtaking 'Man on Wire' offers a behind-the-scenes re-creation of Philippe Petit's 1974 vertiginous tightrope waltz between the World Trade Center towers, and all the preceding years of strategizing the historic spectacle that became known as the "artistic crime of the century." Go see it! Here's the trailer:

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Shahidul said...

I am very much happy to hear the good news that Smile Pinki has won the oscar. I am realy very happy.

Thanks to the director and the social worker for picking this issue.i am happy that at least one girl(The Pinki) is enjoying the beauty that may be she didnt think before.