Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Comparing Video Sharing Sites

What's the best site for uploading and sharing your videos?

There are so many criteria that we've been constructing our own list of what to look for. Every videoplayer seems to have some advantages, such as ability to link to the video from (or embed on) other sites. But all have innumerable inadequacies and flaws.

Joel Williams, aka the Blog Tech Guy, has diligently devised his Ultimate Guide to Online Video Sharing Websites for no less than 48 video sharing sites, and 13 video editing sites, including:

AOL Uncut, Blip, Break, Brightcove, Buzdeo, Crackle, Cuts, Dabble, Daily Motion,, DivX Stage 6, eefoof(VuMe), Eyeka, Eyespot, Fliqz, FlixYa, Google Video, Gotuit, iFilm, JayCut, Jumpcut, Kewego, Kiwivid, LiveVideo, Lycos Mix, Metacafe, Mojiti, MotionBox, MyHeavy, MyNumo, MySpace, Nelsok, Ning, OneTrueMedia, Ovi (Twango), Revver, SevenLoad, Soapbox, Spymac, Sumo, Veoh, Viddler, Vidilife, Vidszoo,Vimeo, Vmix, VodPod, Vsocial, Wat, Webshots, WeShow, Yahoo Video, YouAreTV, YouTube, Yurth, Zeec and Ziddio.

Did you even realize there were that many?

On one Quality Comparison Page, using identical test footage, you can see for yourself the difference in Color, Vision, and Sound. However, this doesn't take into account other factors, such as whether that annoying "play" triangle icon appears in the middle of the screen when you pause, or whether you can manually fast-forward the slider.

In a separate 45-page PDF ebook, Williams rates and describes the ease and quality of creating an account, uploading video, and viewing video at each of these sites -- along with annotated pros and cons.

Additionally, Williams offers a handy chart, Online Video Comparison Matrix, which features an apples-to-apples comparison of more than a dozen useful criteria.

He notes that video editing sites are different from video sharing websites: "While sites like Photobucket (and now YouTube with Remixer) do both, these sites are designed for the editing of videos, (which) are normally loaded from other video sharing sites, and not uploaded to the site directly." Here's a sampling of those:

Bet you didn't realize there were so many video editing sites, either! Bravo to the Blog Tech Guy for his diligent research!

Tell us: What's your favorite video-sharing and/or video-editing Website, and why?

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