Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MediaStorm: '10 Ways to Improve Your Multimedia Production'

When it comes time to put together your audio and video assets, for better or worse you're stuck working with whatever you've got -- some of which you may not have even shot or recorded yourself. MediaStorm producer Eric Maierson offers "Ten Ways To Improve Your Multimedia Production Right Now" in the edit bay.

He notes that these are not meant to be dogmatic rules but rather helpful aesthetic and technical tips.

When you're finished assembling your story, he advises, "Watch your production on speakers with someone who has not yet seen the piece. There’s something about reviewing your work with an audience that makes one more self-conscious and thus open to seeing new things."

Read the full to-do list, with examples, here. And be sure the explore the MediaStorm channel on KobreGuide.com.

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