Friday, October 2, 2009

KobreGuide's Top 10 Videos for Sept. '09

Here are the ten most popular video stories that were originally showcased on KobreGuide to the Web's Best Videojournalism during the month of September 2009.

They represent a broad array of topics, from fun to serious, from a wide variety of media outlets.

All are worth a repeat viewing. If you missed any of them, now's a second chance to see them.

* Death of a Marine

* The Amazing Skidboot

* Choosing Thomas

* Arab Christians: The Forgotten Faithful

* My Kidney, His Life

* Surviving the Death Race

* Ian Fisher: American Soldier

* A Day with a Tap Legend

* Fallout: The Legacy of Brookhaven Lab

* The Letter from Iwo Jima (pictured)

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