Saturday, October 3, 2009

NPR's Scott Simon on the Art of Storytelling

YouTube has been adding more instructional videos to its Reporters' Center, since we first reported on it back in June.

They come from a variety of authoritative sources and cover a broad array of topics, including how to distribute and promote your video stories once you've completed them.

Still, some of the best are from the top pros, such as NPR's Scott Simon, who shares some timeless tips on the art of audio and visual storytelling.


1. A story ought to have a point. Not necessarily a moral or a lesson or even a punchline. But always a point.

2. Give people telling vivid details they can recall when telling the story to others.

3. Beginnings must capture the audience's interest.

4. Stories must be told in short breathable sections.

5. Speak conversationally. (Avoid long dependent clauses.)

6. Don't be afraid of new storytelling technologies. Use them.

7. Have fun. If you enjoy making surprising discoveries, that will communicate to your audience and keep them coming back.
But let Scott tell you himself...

Visit YouTube's Reporters Center to view dozens of other journalism-themed instructional videos.

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