Monday, October 19, 2009

'Real Florida' Video Series on KobreGuide

Maurice Rivenbark has been a staff photojournalist at the St. Petersburg Times since 1981. He has photographed stories throughout Florida, across the United States and abroad. Over the last couple of years Rivenbark has additionally been producing video stories for the Times’ Website .

Rivenbark often collaborates with Times columnist Jeff Klinkenberg, producing video reports to accompany and augment the writer’s “Real Florida” series about Florida culture and people who make the state unique.

This week, KobreGuide proudly showcases five videos we’ve selected from this popular series, and we’ll be featuring one per day. Though they are self-contained, we also provide links to their companion text column, so that you may enjoy the complete package.

We hope you agree that the Rivenbark-Klinkenberg teamwork is a winning formula that other newspapers should seriously consider adopting for their own locales.

So keep an eye on KobreGuide's St. Petersburg Times channel this week. Enjoy!

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