Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bill Gentile's Backpack Journalism Workshop

Emmy Award-winning producer Bill Gentile (right) was probably among the first to call himself a "backpack journalist" -- i.e. a one-man-band mobile videojournalist.

His next hands-on workshop is June 24-27 in San Francisco, which he describes as "an intensive immersion in the craft of visual storytelling."

Gentile brings more than 30 years of field experience to teach the full range of skills essential to making powerful, character-driven stories for television and the Internet: story conception, shooting, scriptwriting, narrating, editing, marketing.

In this unique and supportive environment you will learn:

• To use portable video equipment to effectively capture images and sound.
• To recognize and cultivate dramatic story arcs.
• To conduct proper, in-depth interviews.
• To write powerful treatments and scripts.
• To narrate your story.
• To edit with Final Cut Pro for maximum effect.
• To distribute your story to local, national or global audiences.

Cost: $1,495.
For more information about Bill Gentile and his laudable workshops, go here.

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