Friday, May 21, 2010

New Ways to Make Money in Journalism? Adam Westbrook Tells You How

After a clever ramp-up promo campaign on his content-rich blog, Adam Westbrook has at last released his 68-page eBook, 'Next Generation Journalist: 10 New Ways to Make Money in Journalism,' chockablock with solid info and advice for those crazy enough to pursue our beleagured and underresourced profession.

Guess what distinguishes each of Westbrook's strategies for landing a gig? The recognition of the fact that there are scarcely any gigs left to pursue -- and that you have to find and make your own opportunities.

And so his methods have little to do with the conventional job-application route to success -- forget about resumes, interviews, climbing the corporate ladder.

As it happens, KobreGuide's editorial director lives and works in Hollywood, where he is surrounded by hordes of starry-eyed wannabes who say that they yearn to be a writer, a director, an actor, a producer. His advice? Stop wanting to be, and start doing. Write, direct, act, produce. Think verbs, not nouns. Don't sit around waiting for someone else's approval or permission. Go out and do your own thing. Next time you meet him, ask him to perform the ditty he wrote about this frustrating phenomenon -- 'Everybody Wants to Be (Nobody Wants to Do)'.

So back to Adam Westbrook, who clearly gets this ethic -- don't wait, create! He embodies it by virtue of his informative blog, and now this eBook, available in North American and (his native) UK editions, for an "early bird" discount price of $9.50 US (thinking entrepreneurialy!)... You'll personally find lots of solid nuggets here to warrant the investment, and point your life and career in a positive direction.

Here's his pitch:

* 10 new & exciting ways of making money in journalism
* 7 bonus chapters covering the practical nuts & bolts
* 12 interviews and in-depth case studies with the journalists and entrepreneurs who are already making it work for them
* Solid advice on what makes a good news business idea
* 30 things you can do right away to make the new career paths happen
* 2 introductory chapters which guide you through how to decide what you really want
* Step-by-step guides to creating your own portfolio business, collaborative & hyperlocal website
and loads of ideas and encouragement!
And here's a sneak preview of the Table of Contents (click to enlarge):

Download 'Next Generation Journalist' here.

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