Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Student Media Advisor Wanted...in Iraq

From Jackie Spinner, via the Journalism & Women Symposium (JAWS):

I started a student newspaper at The American University of Iraq. Last week we launched the college radio station. I won a Fulbright Scholarship for next year in Oman and need to find someone who can spend the upcoming academic year advising the student newspaper and directing our media operation.

This is a one-year backpack journalism job for someone who is willing to backpack in northern Iraq with a staff of 45 student journalists who are writing in a language they learned three years ago and trying to produce Iraq's first independent student newspaper in what Kurdish writer Bakhtiar Ali has appropriately described as a struggling dictatorship and not a struggling democracy.

If this sounds like your dream (it has been mine), please email me at jackiespinner@mac.com or jackie.spinner@auis.org. The pay is good. Housing is provided. Travel is included. Full health benefits. No language requirements. Significant others, spouses and children welcome. (Many of our teachers have their families with them). Relative safety in northern Iraq. We have a bowling alley, symphony and movie theater. I walk to and from work in American clothes. I speak English on my cell phone in the market.
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(NOTE: Unlike the media "job offer" from the State of New York (below), this one actually pays.)

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