Tuesday, May 18, 2010

'I Love Working for Free!' (Not!)

Pete Rabot, creative director of Munn Rabot agency in New York, received this request:

"In the midst a national economic downturn and record state budget deficits, New York finds itself with no money to produce a much needed TV commercial for this summer’s critical tourism season. That’s why I LOVE NEW YORK is asking for pro bono assistance from the state’s film and TV industry to produce a thirty-second TV commercial promoting New York State."
The state's solicitation for a handout inspired Rabot's sarcastic blog item, "I Love Doing Work for Free," in which he comments:

Responding companies don’t need to develop an idea, because some numskull in accounting has already done that. All they want is your cameras, director, production crew, trucks, lighting, sound, craft services, editing, finishing, and trafficking. Oh, and your time, which, because it’s yours, should cost nothing. Your noble efforts could add millions of dollars to the state coffers, which will probably go to augment much needed salary increases for more numskulls...
(Cyberhat tip to David Kennerly, who adds: "As a photographer observing the steady devaluation of photographs and other artistic endeavors, I appreciate the Rabots of the world who stand straight up, poke their finger into the eye of injustice, and cry, 'Enough you numskulls!' ... His words are in solidarity with those of us who just want to be paid fairly for the work that we do.")

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