Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Capturing Exuberance

While the grand opening of a new Apple store is always a curiously exuberant event, with hundreds of MacFans camping out overnight to be among the first through the doors, it's not typically worthy of newspaper coverage. At least that was the thinking at the Spokane's Spokesman Review. But that didn't stop multimedia producer Colin Mulvany from realizing that there would undoubtedly be some fun footage to play with, so he shot it on his day off.

"Because of that, I gave myself a little more latitude to get more creative with my storytelling," he writes on his new Snaps and Frames blog, which is usually devoted to one supersized original still image per entry.

I used my new Nikon D3s to shoot sequences of images, which I used as mini time-lapse segments. I kept the interview narrative tight, instead just letting the natural sound and visuals tell the story. The music could be considered over-done, but I like the mood it creates. It is a wacky edit that take me into uncharted storytelling territory.

P.S. On his blog, Colin gives his new Nikon D3 a big thumbs up. Read his review here.

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