Saturday, September 18, 2010

Darlene's Gastric Bypass Surgery: A Love Story

Not often that someone makes a terrific video depicting a love story about gastric bypass surgery.

Darlene Lookingbill saw her husband Dave drop 165 pounds and improve his health after gastric bypass surgery. She saw his ailments decrease and his energy and smiles return.

She wanted the same thing. She knew the surgery had risks and would change her lifestyle in many ways. But if that's what it would take to feel healthy again, she'd do it. Share their fears, watch part of Darlene's surgery and see their transformation...
For your weekend viewing pleasure... here's Love and Loss by Jason Plotkin, published by the York Daily Record. It's part of their ambitious series, "Fat Battleground: Obesity in York County." It follows the couple before, during (graphic warning!), and after her procedure.

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