Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Torsten Kjellstrand Buys a Cowboy Hat

Oregonian staff photographer Torsten Kjellstrand needed to buy a cowboy hat to be properly outfitted to cover a local rodeo. His frustrating search for just the right hat is not only informative and entertaining, but his down-home narration and clever editing (by Judy Siviglia) make the resulting video charming and even downright hilarious.

By humorously juxtaposing his Swedish background with cowboy culture, Kjellstrand provides a personal touch that simultaneously gives the video universal appeal. Even if you don't have a pressing need to buy a cowboy hat, you must see this -- and then you'll probably want to race out and get one for yourself.

How to buy a cowboy hat

P.S. Here's what's tragic. Go to the Oregonian video page, and we defy you to find this video anywhere. Click on any of the categories and you will not see it. All you'll find is dozens and dozens of pedestrian post-game interviews with local athletes. Furthermore, enter "cowboy" or "cowboy hat" into the search engine, and you'll get zero results. To produce a video this informative and entertaining, and hide it from your audience, is beyond criminal. It's stupid. So... a big cyberhat tip to Colin Mulvany's excellent Finding the Frame website, which enables videojournalists to critique and comment on each other's work, and calls attention to worthy videojournalism such as How to Buy a Cowboy Hat.

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