Thursday, September 9, 2010

Journalism Jobs Ain't What They Used to Be

"If someone tells you, 'I'm a journalist,' tell him he's being a bad journalist for being so vague," instruct the authors of the Journalism Lives blog.

His statement could refer to almost anything: Developing iPad apps. Running social media campaigns. Remotely producing multimedia packages. Writing an e-mail newsletter for a nonprofit.

As new positions emerge, traditional positions evolve and non-journalistic organizations take on journalistic tasks, the list is as long and as diverse as ever.
Among the tasks they enumerate and describe, with real-world examples:

* The Mobile Maven

* The Multimedia Reporter

* The Jack or Jill of All Trades

* The Online Content Guru

* The Online Engagement Specialist

* The Journalist/Programmer

Blog authors David A. Kennedy and Steve Earley earned their master's degrees in interactive media from Elon University. This spring they launched their blog to "chart how technology was not harming the news industry, but helping it through increased interactivity."

Postscript: In the "Comments" section we found links to two excellent blog entries about journalism jobhunting. They're both from the Buttry Diary, by Steve Buttry.

* Some tips on landing your next job in digital journalism

* Thoughts on redirecting and rejuvenating a career

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