Sunday, March 29, 2009

HD Platypus Workshop: May 1-10 in Portland

Dirck Halstead says there are still a few spots open in his upcoming Platypus Workshop in Portland, OR, May 1-10, a comprehensive boot camp for staff and freelance photographers, picture editors and media producers making the transition to high-definition digital video storytelling. You can attend as a "Shooter" or as a "Producer."
As a Shooter you are the storyteller. You get to use a new Canon XHA-1 HD camera, wireless and on-camera mikes from Sennheiser, tripods from Libec and an Apple laptop MacBook Pro with the latest version of Final Cut Pro for editing. You may work alone, or with a Producer, to create the class exercises and a final 8-minute documentary or news story. Tuition for Shooter = $1,995

Producers are an integral part of the process and the course. They attend all classes and team up with shooters as they research stories, make arrangements, conduct the interviews, go out on the field exercises and co-produce the final project . . . as a team. The Producer and the Shooter both come back to the edit bay and cut the projects together. Tuition for Producer = $995

Participants will learn about the newest HD digital cameras, field sound recording, cinematic storytelling, the use of lenses, tripods, and Apple's latest Final Cut Pro editing software.
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