Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The New Hard Times: Make Your Own NY Times Video

For its video series, "The New Hard Times," The New York Times invites you to pick up your video camera and capture the memories of the generation that lived through the Great Depression. Record your parents or grandparents discussing the current economic situation as it relates to previous downturns. Ask what lessons they learned. Edit the video highlights to less than three minutes, and upload it to the Times' Website.

The Times intends to start a "conversation between generations" that will enable those who lived through the hard times of the 1930s to help us get through these hard times today. Instructions can be found here.

It's a worthy experiment, and we look forward to seeing the results. We suspect that, in the near future, similar projects will involve producers (such as the Times) collecting raw footage from "civilian" contributors and professionally editing it into one cohesive mini-videostory. But this is a good start.

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