Tuesday, March 3, 2009

KobreGuide Welcomes New AARP Channel

KobreGuide proudly welcomes a new channel: AARP, whose online bulletin has begun to produce high-quality video stories.

While most of what you see on KobreGuide has been created by newspaper staffs, we're finding that even non-media organizations and institutions are seizing the opportunity to communicate cost-effectively with online video. As with newspapers, they're forging a new hybrid medium that derives elements from TV news and film documentaries, but is distinguishable from each, both in purpose and style.

AARP's first KobreGuide entry is "A Day With Francisco," a video profile of a retired printer who got bored and decided to go back to work in a whole different capacity -- cheering up not only himself, but also his customers and fellow employees. We'll be showcasing more compelling video stories from AARP in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned!

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