Saturday, September 12, 2009

3 Missing Elements of Most Videojournalism

This mini-interview (below) was recently shot by Marcia Chandra with her Flip videocamera in Perpignan, France at Visa Pour L'Image, the annual gathering of photojournalists, picture agencies and magazine editors that we recently attended.

Videojournalism was represented for the first time this year, if minimally. Lots of media organizations seemed to recognize that this was the future, and they all yearned to get there, but they weren't yet quite sure how -- or hadn't yet rationalized allocating the necessary resources of money and manpower.

Marcia wanted a two-minute interview. We said that professors are more accustomed to talking in 50-minute bursts... but that we would try and limit our comments for her. So we talked for less than ninety seconds. She said we could talk about anything, so we spontaneously tried to address the three main problems with most of the videojournalism that we see everyday, while we're searching for gems to showcase on KobreGuide.

By the way, the visual aesthetes among you will no doubt notice how deftly the background complements the shirt. Coincidence?

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