Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Detroit Free Press Wins 4th Emmy

Big congrats to the Detroit Free Press (freep.com) for winning a national Emmy Award last night for its multimedia package documenting Christ Child House, a foster home for boys in Detroit, that was previously showcased on KobreGuide.

(Other nominees in the category that honors new approaches to news and documentary reporting included MediaStorm's "Intended Consequences," also spotlighted on KobreGuide.)

Special kudos to project leader Kathy Kieliszewski and her team of videographers, photographers, and reporters. In addition to "one man band" videojournalism projects, the Detroit Free Press devotes staff and resources to large-scale productions, involving many contributors over long periods of time. As their multiple Emmys indicate, it's an investment that pays off.

The Free Press has now won four national Emmys, more than any other newspaper, all of which have appeared on KobreGuide's Emmy channel.

* Christ Child House: Where Children Find Hope

* Forty Years of R-E-S-P-E-C-T

* Pit Bulls: Companions or Killers?

* Michigan Marines Band of Brothers

See more top-quality videojournalism on KobreGuide's Detroit Free Press channel.

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