Saturday, September 5, 2009

'Buy One Anyway' -- Rescue This Newspaperman

The Buy One Anyway foundation encourages folks to purchase newspapers everyday, even if no one wants to read them anymore.

As this heart-tugging Slate video (below) indicates, for mere pennies a day, you can help clothe, feed and shelter a mid-career, award-winning journalist who is trapped in a dying industry.

And just because you don't get your news from it, doesn't mean newspapers aren't useful -- for packing dishes, lighting BBQs, even drying windshields!

These overtaxed, underappreciated professionals need your help. For the price of a latte, you can buy them just a few more weeks to polish their resumes.

A "laughing through the tears" thanks to writer/director Scott Blaszak, executive producers Andy Bowers and Bill Smee, host Alissa Ford.

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